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Lifecycle Wooden Blocks


Our lifecycle blocks are thoughtfully designed to represent animals and insects that the children may be familiar with. These blocks wonderfully illustrate the lifecycle of a moth, butterfly, chicken and frog. Children can see how the animal develops through a series of changes to their adult presence, as reflected by the size of the block with the fully grown animal being represented by the largest block and the eggs the smallest. These blocks are brilliant as a tool for early literacy and science but also great for stacking and practising hand-eye coordination.

  • 5 pieces in each set.
  • Largest block measures 5.8cm x 5.8cm and smallest 3cm x 3cm.
  • Made with FSC certified Beech wood.
  • Suitable for children 1 year and over.

Image result for tick imageEarly literacy and science resource
Safety tested for 1 year old

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Weight 0.44 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 22.7 cm

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