Providing global standard learning resources is our business, but nurturing children through play is our passion.


“Our vision is to nurture every unique child by supporting and encouraging them to realise their potential through play.⁠”Victoria Reading, founder of The Freckled Frog

Started in 2009 in Melbourne, Australia by Victoria Reading who simply couldn’t find the right sort of toys for her boys Harry and Jock.  Her boys are an integral part of the Freckled Frog testing team who have not been afraid to speak their minds on when Victoria has got a design right and also when she needed to go back to the drawing board. Combining their expertise with Victoria’s firsthand knowledge of what parents and educators wanted, The Freckled frog today has created over 150 products that are designed to be open-ended, gender neutral toys promoting inclusiveness and cultural diversity ensuring the end result has everyone smiling.

With each and every toy we create, we hope to inspire children’s:
1. Imagination through engaging open-ended play
2. Creativity through self-exploration
3. Learning through fun activities
4. Playtime through pure happiness
We want to bring back simple, yet innovative and fun toys for children today.

Found in classrooms in over 80 countries…. naturally your children’s safety is our no.1 priority.
All our toys are put through the toughest of tests to ensure that they are safe for young children, enabling them to be durable enough to withstand the most vigorous daily classroom or home play for years to come. Due to our fastidiousness over designing, manufacturing and providing you with the best toys, all must pass the fussy test – Fun, Unique, Safe, Strong and Educational before coming out to the market.
We pride ourselves on creating innovative, high quality learning resources at a global standard for our educational communities, that help to empower and inspire your children through open-ended play.






It is our mission at Freckled Frog  to use high quality, ethically sourced materials that have the least negative impact on the environment possible.

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) certified
The Freckled Frog is also passionate about keeping our forests alive as we want your children and future generations to experience the benefits of our Forests. We are proud to work with FSC certified suppliers, which ensures that our wooden toys comes from sustainable sources, helping to conserve and protect our forests and wildlife.

RCH supporterProudly supporting The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation
Since 2015, The Freckled Frog has been a corporate donor of The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation.